Selecting Shower Enclosures for Your Dream Home

Whether you are remodeling the bathrooms in your home in preparation to sell the house or just because they need a new look, the showers are probably the most important part of the renovations. With today’s tight time constraints showers are the mainstay. Tub baths have been relegated to the realm of luxury and some folks do not even partake of this method of relaxation and cleansing anymore. Furthermore speaking dollars and cents, actually replacing the bathtub is not cheap. It can be an expensive undertaking; especially if you want something large enough to lounge in with all the bells and whistles. However redoing a shower is affordable. It is a simple venture to find cheap enclosures that will also look good. Remolding the shower or even installing one in lieu of a bathtub is a great way to raise the value of the home or give it an updated look.

Where Do I Begin?
cheap shower01Start the renovation with an internet search. Search bathrooms, shower enclosures, shower doors and any other bathroom related words or phrases. You will garner a bevy of results that will be the launch to your renovation. What style would you like, contemporary, modern, or maybe traditional? Don’t be afraid to check out the priciest motifs and then design a similar look for a lesser price. Besides the shower enclosures, what type of showerhead might you desire? Go ahead, treat yourself to what makes you happiest. If this bathroom spruce up is for the purpose of selling the house, you may want to investigate doing more than the traditional shower design. Contemplate creating a design that includes multiple inexpensive showerheads and enclosures, that when put together will deliver a well-appointed look. Design your bathroom with luxury in mind. Remember achieving an opulent look, does not necessarily mean it has to be costly.

Let’s Do This!

cheap shower07Once you’ve decided the look, next secure the supplies. Check out several different places to obtain the best prices and find the greatest deals. A cached stockpile of savings can be found with just a little determination and persistence on your part. Make a list of everything that you will need including the adhesives, caulking, and a caulking gun. These items will all be used if you plan on installing the shower enclosure yourself. Once you know what to look for shower will not be hard to find, nor will they be difficult to install. Make sure to take accurate measurements to ensure that the enclosures will fit properly into the spaces in the bathrooms. The shower enclosures come in several varieties and styles and you have the opportunity of choosing from the following types of enclosures:


Glass Shower Enclosures
Glass enclosures offer a choice of glass color and finishes. These tend to be more expensive. Informational sources suggest that they require professional installation; however consulted contractors admit that it is not such a complicated job and can be accomplished by a layperson.

Frameless Shower Enclosures
These enclosures provide a clean chic look and are also on the pricier side. They too like the glass enclosures feature a heavier glass. As for installation the same rule of thumb applies as the glass: professional installation suggested, but self installation a definite option.

Semi-frameless Shower Enclosures
These enclosures are economical and feature various colored frames. These nicely bridge the gap between the more costly glass and frameless and the framed shower enclosures below.

Framed Shower Enclosures
These are most popular, easiest to self install, are made from a thinner glass than the preceding enclosures and therefore are cheaper. With these enclosures you may not get the choices of glass colors like above, but you can get clear or patterned glass.

Fiberglass Enclosures
These are the least expensive of this group. They are very durable and can be fitted with either sliding or swing doors. They are also said to be great for the elderly.

You Can Do It!

cheap shower 04If you’ve elected to self install, you’ve chosen to save even more. Although this is the part of the job that might seem most daunting, have confidence. It is straightforward, cheap, and you can accomplish it! Modernizing the bathrooms in your home will transform them into wonderful new places. Pull down any old tile and hit the discount stores for clearance wallpaper that is washable and durable. Pick a coordinating tile that’s also on clearance to border the wallpaper and you’ll have a relatively inexpensive piece of work that looks quite impressive. Doing the labor yourself, selecting cheap shower enclosures, finishing the room with discounted tile and wallpaper and then accenting them with great fixtures will bring these bathrooms new life.

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